8 Summer Scents to Cool You Down

Slow Dance

Byredo’s Ben Gorham formulated this fragrance to channel the exhilarating and unforgettable experience of a first ‘Slow Dance’. It’s scented with top notes of honey-like Opoponax Myrrh that’s blended with a floral pop of Geranium, Violet and Labdanum heart notes, as well as Vanilla, Patchouli, Frankincense at the base for a touch of masculine warmth. The sweet but rich mix makes it a great choice for cooler months.

$ 180

Vilhelm Parfumerie
Dear Polly

EA FOR TWO IN THE MORNING: Distance is nothing to the heart: The scent of black tea, brewed just how she likes it, and the crispiness of morning light, slowly easing away the night that still clings to the senses. Ceylon black tea immediately warms the skin while sensuous musk simmers below.

$ 205.89

Le Labo
Eau de Parfum-santal 33

Every element of Le Labo’s perfumes is carefully processed by specialists, from the scientists in the labs to the people who pick the flowers. This signature ‘Santal 33’ scent is inspired by the image of a lone cowboy and the spirit of the American West – one spritz evokes the smoky aroma of an open fire. 

$ 280


Le Gemme Amarena Eau De Parfum

$ 256


Jade888 Eau de Parfum is inspired by dense foliage and tangled vines, prolific and untamed like the undergrowth of the Amazon. Combining GREEN MUSK with LILY OF THE VALLEY MOLECULE, Jade888 is a soft yet verdant scented gem brightened up by GINGER EXTRACT CO2.

$ 195

Jo Malone
Honeysuckle & Davana Cologne

The wildness of honeysuckle winding through the English countryside. Climbing. Twisting. Ever more alluring after dark. Fresh with rose and the aromatic fruity twist of davana. Woody with moss. Warmed by sunshine.

$ 140

Rose Olivier Eau de Toilett

A green yet floral fragrance – a delight and surprise. In the south of France a rose bush grows intertwined with the olive tree symbiotic and inextricably married in their branches roots aromas and souls. The result is a nuanced rose unlike any other – this petally scent takes on woody notes from its olive lover.

$ 130

Montale Paris

Roses Musk

$ 170

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