Affordable Closet Organization Items Everyone Should Own

Slim Ladder

A lightweight ladder is a must. You can find options with two, three, or four steps. I slip in it between my clients’ hanging bays when there is no spacial tolerance for a custom, attached ladder. Hook to store the ladder so it’s out of sight.


Non-slip Hangers

We love these navy textured hangers. They save space and won’t break that easy. We suggest swapping your hangers for these ones, and then you can donate your old hangers to a local Goodwill.


Lightweight Stackage Baskets

This basic and lightweight stackable storage basket comes in many different sizes and is an excellent alternative to organizing items while still being able to see what is in the bin.


Wall Mount with Pegs

Use this simple peg wall to organize scarves, bags, costume jewelry, and sunglasses.


Boot Shapers 

Dasco boot trees are our favorite boot shapers. They allow your shoes to hold their form, and you can line them up nicely without having to pay for expensive custom cabinetry.


Valet Rod

If you have a seam to drill into, this retractable valet rod is a great way to showcase a special item or plan outfits. It’s a simple detail that adds a luxe touch to any closet.


Bag Stuffers 

We love these fabrinique bag stuffers. A bit of a splurge if you buy one for all your purses, but still affordable when you consider the fact that it’s shaping and protecting your handbags.


Mini Safe

How does one protect their valuables on a budget? With this durable safe. If you’re interested in dropping a little more dough, this is the chicest and strongest safe for the money. This is a beautiful way to protect your valuables while also looking good in your closet and home.


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